Thursday, August 2, 2012

Auto-export URL references to Bibtex correctly in Medeley

The problem

Auto-exporting a bibtex file in Mendeley is nice and awsome when writing in Latex, but @misc URL references get their url in a \url tag, not in \howpublished{\url{...}} - which results in the URL not showing up in the References there when compiling the paper.


In Tools - Options - Document Details - [Web page], check in "Medium" (this is mapped to \howpublished in the exported Bibtex). (Tips: check in Citation Key also to control the \cite key)

Now, in your URL references, write, for example, "Available: http://www.example...." in the "Medium" field in the details pane of your reference. Now the URL shows up correctly in your paper (and is clickable)!

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