Sunday, August 5, 2012

One-keyboard-button compile your Google Drive-hosted Latex project


First off, you already have your report on Google Drive and have made a compile-script, right? (See earlier post of how to set that up). 

Binding F2 to run the script

Let's say that "C:\thesis\build.bat" is the script that will download and compile your report. If we can bind one keyboard button to run that script (regardless of currently focused application) it could speed things up.

Here's how to beat Windows into running a .bat file by a key-press:

  1. Right-click on "Cmd" in the start-menu and "Send to taskbar" (making a shortcut among the Windows 7 speed-launch-icons)
  2. Shift-right-click the new cmd-icon in the taskbar and press Properties
  3. In "target" box append: /C "C:\thesis\build.bat"
    It should now say %windir%\system32\cmd.exe /C "C:\thesis\\build.bat" in the target-box. 
  4. In the keyboard-shortcut field select with mouse and press (for example) F2.
  5. [Ok]
Now pressing F2 at any time brings up a console windows with your build-script flashing by like a black-and-white Matrix scene, and the disappears. This is great for typing in the Google Drive document and having your pdf open on the other monitor in SumatraPDF which auto-refreshes the PDF when the file is updated.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Auto-export URL references to Bibtex correctly in Medeley

The problem

Auto-exporting a bibtex file in Mendeley is nice and awsome when writing in Latex, but @misc URL references get their url in a \url tag, not in \howpublished{\url{...}} - which results in the URL not showing up in the References there when compiling the paper.


In Tools - Options - Document Details - [Web page], check in "Medium" (this is mapped to \howpublished in the exported Bibtex). (Tips: check in Citation Key also to control the \cite key)

Now, in your URL references, write, for example, "Available: http://www.example...." in the "Medium" field in the details pane of your reference. Now the URL shows up correctly in your paper (and is clickable)!